Customs Broking

International trade involves a lot of rules and regulations which can be tedious. Therefore, we offer our clients Customs Broking services to guide them. We have experienced personnel who are qualified in customs brokerage as well.

We have our own Customs Broking Licences at all Customs clearing stations in India with highly qualified personelle. We have our senior officers on board who have cleared the highest exam conducted by Indian customs who may not necessarily be at the port but are in and around the company. We have made it a point to establish an excellent rapport with customs and port officials all across the country.

We also offer our clients guidance on the Foreign Trade Policy as well as the correct import/export procedure including the licences that are relevant for facilitating trade, such as the Service Providers Licence as well as the Export Promotion Capital Goods Licence (EPCG), Drawback, Duty Entitlement Pass Book (DEPB), among others. Additionally, we advise our clients on duty exemption benefits and ensure proper classification in order to pay the correct duty.

We assist our clients with pre and post documentation of their shipments as well as help them in liaising with relevant promotional councils.