About Us

Chowgule Brothers Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Goa, India, is a turnkey Supply Chain and Shipping Service provider that is a part of the Chowgule Group. The original company was established in the year 1916 and today is a conglomerate with business activities in a number of industries. The Chowgule Group is engaged in activities spanning from Mining and Export of Iron Ore, Ship Building, Port Infrastructure, Logistics, Dealerships to the manufacturing of Industrial Salt, Industrial Explosives and Industrial Chemicals besides other ventures.

Chowgule Brothers is a professionally managed company, with vast experience and expertise in providing efficient and cost effective supply chain management solutions to our customers. Our interests lie in Shipping Agencies, Freight Forwarding, Insurance, Customs Brokerage, Ship Brokerage, Warehousing, P&I Correspondents and Consultancy.

At Chowgule Brothers we understand that time and cost is of utmost importance to our customers. Hence, we strive to provide our customers with customized, efficient and cost effective global logistics solutions in a timely manner.

As a company we are confident that we can provide the global movement of cargo. With the range of logistics services offered, we can manage your entire supply chain as a third party logistics provider and leave you free to concentrate on your core competencies. No company exists just for itself.